Using Table Top Simulator

New to SW Legion Tabletop Simulator or a returning player? Ensure you've read up on the following to prepare for the new season! 

Here’s everything you need to get started:

- Purchase and download Tabletop Simulator here:

- Sign in with your steam account and go to:
- Click on the Green "Subscribe" button

- Watch a Tutorial video, provided by Team Relentless 

Part 1:

Part 2:

- Go to the Legion Discord, and ask for a Learning Game in #800-pt-gamefinder or #500-pt-gamefinder


Download the Beta Mod to use units not currently in the main mod:
- This is a mod where you can try out new features!

Season 6 Tentative Information!

Hello There!

Season 6 is fast approaching, and it promises to be the biggest and best event the league has ever seen. Below you can find our tentative dates for the season.

Twitch Stream Competition


Presents the

Twitch Clip Awards


To encourage players to stream and record games, STABcast has decided to run the Twitch Clip Awards during the Round Robin phase of the Invader League Season 3. Awards will be given for the best clips from five categories, with cash prizes paid out for each one.

Winners will be selected by the hosts of the STABcast and a panel of twitch streamers. (To Be Named!)

  • Best Play Rebels, paid to player $20
  • Best Play Imperial, paid to player $20
  • Best Caster Highlight, paid to caster $20
  • Best Clip Overall, paid to person clipped $25
  • Best Clip Runner-up, paid to person clipped $15

To submit your clips, send the links to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with "Twitch clip" in the subject header.

Read this article if you need know how to make clips:

Battle Lines Map Competition for Season 6

Hello again!

In anticipation of Invader League Season 6, we figured it was time to bring back the Battle Lines map making competition.

What is Battle Lines?
Battle Lines was created to deepen the available TTS map pool and challenge the community to create themed maps for our beloved Legion mod. Players will submit maps that they have created and be judged by a panel of experts, as well as the Legion Discord Community. Winners will be included in the upcoming Invader League Map pool!

Battle Lines - SW Legion TTS Map Making Competition

Before the first blaster is fired, a battle can be lost or won without a commander’s expert understanding of the lay of the land. So before the inevitable clash of metal and wills, lay down the barricades and erect your defence, the battle lines are drawn!

Battle Lines is a map making competition for SW Legion TTS mod to introduce players to map making and modding. It serves as a alternative to competitive play and allows players to engage their creativity with the Star Wars Legion Miniatures Game. This is a casual and fun competition that encourages players to create maps that are the most tactically complex, visually stunning or just plain fun to play in.

Creating maps to use in the SW Legion TTS mod is both fun and easy, all the tools you need to create your own map is available in the mod itself. You can learn how to create and upload your own map here: Star Wars Legion TTS Mod Map Making Tutorial

Battle Lines is proudly sponsored by Imperial Terrain, Dan Wulf Games, TheTerrainStudio and Corvus Games Terrain

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