1. Round Pairings And Scheduled Games

  • At the start of the Tournament, players will be divided into divisions based on their country and time zone. (EXAMPLE: US 1, US 2, EU 1, etc).
  • The maximum number of participants in each division is 6.
  • The maximum number of participants in the tournament is 144 (18 US Groups, 4 EU Groups, 2 AS Groups). Once Division maximums are reached, extra players will be kept as “alternates” in the case of a no-show or a drop. Extra groups will be opened if the T.O.s agree to increase the cap. 
  • At the start of the competition all player pairings will be released through the Invader League website. Players must use The Legion Discord to play in the Invader League. This will connect you with Tournament Organizers and Judges, as well as your opponents. The TO will create Discord channels for scheduling - please wait to be assigned your Discord group.  
  • Once round pairings are released players are responsible for scheduling games with their paired opponents through Discord on their own time.* Games can be played in any order. 

    *NOTE: Players who fail to respond to any form of communication within the first week of play will be disqualified​. This is only for players who don’t respond to other players / T.O.s. Failing to play a game within the first week WILL NOT disqualify you. Failing to play a game by the start of the second to last week of play (October 14th) will automatically disqualify you from tournament play. 
  • Each round, players will check the Round on their groups to see what map will be played. Players can select the map in Table Top Simulator in the map selection menu under tourney maps.
  • The "Home" player is expected to Host the game, and the "Away" player will join the game. If internet problems hinder players from playing the game, players are allowed to switch hosts.
  • All Round Robin games must be played by 2359 PST on November 1st. If games are not played, both players will receive a Match Loss result with 0 Victory Points.

2. Army Lists

  • All Invader League games will be played with the most recent FAQ's, Erratas, and point changes.
  • Games will be played with the following force organization:
    • 800 points
    • 1-2 Commander
    • 0-2 Operatives
    • 3-6 Corps
    • 0-3 Specialist
    • 0-3 Support
    • 0-2 Heavy
  • Players can change lists during the Round Robin but have to be the same faction throughout the entire Season.
  • Single Eliminations will be played with only a single list per player throughout Single Elimination games.
  • Faction change requests will be granted up until the tournament official begins.
  • All Units and Upgrades currently in the mod when the tournament begins are legal. Legal units are locked in at the start of the Round Robin phase. 
    • ***NOTE*** As unit cards are updated, and new items are added in the game, they will be added to the Star Wars Legion TTS Mod. Legal Units will only be added before the Group Phase begins, and revisited before the Single Elimination round. 
  • Players are responsible for making sure their opponents lists are legal at the start of the game. If a player’s list is illegal, they will immediately receive a Match Loss result and the opponent receives a Match Win result with 1 Victory Point. However, players may allow an opponent with an illegal list to remake his/her list at the player’s discretion. Remember - people make mistakes, and we're all here to have fun! 
  • Once the game starts, play proceeds as normal.
  • Players are required to save their army lists to the in-game Data Disk. Create a list with Tabletop Simulator and save the list to a data disk. Right click and Save object. At the start of the game, players will load their pre-made data disks.

3. Round Robin Details

  • Players will be assigned opponent pairings and maps. Players are required to play against the assigned opponents with the assigned maps.
  • Setup of play is as follows:
    1. Load Pre-made Data Disk Army List
    2. Load Map based off Round / Stage of Tournament. Mutually agree on terrain cover and rules (Cover and movement rules are in descriptions of the terrain objects)
    3. Player with lowest point army chooses who is Blue player.
    4. Blue Player Chooses Battlefield side. Use Flip Battlefield function if need be.
    5. Choose Objective Type, Conditions, and Deployment based off Standard Legion Rules
    6. Resolve Objective and Condition Cards (If needed)
    7. Deploy Armies starting with Blue Player
    8. Begin Round 1
  • Round Timings:
    • Players should agree before the match if they wish to use the Round Timer provided in TTS. If neither player wants to use the timer, you can skip the following guide. 
    • If one or both players ask to use a timer, use the following rules.
    • The clock uses a three hour time limit, which is represented by the clocks in the Legion Mod. Time starts when deployment is complete. 
    • When time expires, you must finish whatever round you were in.
    • Players are encouraged to use the save feature and finish their game at a later date if they run in to a major interruption. 

4. Round Results

  • At the end of a game ​the Winning​ player will fill out the match reporting form located in the group section of the website.
  • When reporting, please enter in the table state at the end of the match, regardless of concession or table wipe.
  • Victory Points are the difference in the number of "Objective Points" taken in each game​.
    • Example: In "Breakthrough", each unit leader in the enemy’s deployment zone counts as an Objective Point.
    • Each Objective captured in "Recover the Supplies" counts as one Objective Point.
  • You do not need to calculate the difference, simply enter the end state in the system, and it will calculate for you!
  • The number that is recorded on the scoreboard can be determined by simply counting up the number of Objective Points earned by each player. You then subtract the losing players points from the winning players points. That is the number of Victory Points earned by the Winner. This value cannot exceed 3 VP's. 
  • The losing player will be awarded a Match Loss Result and no Victory Points.
  • Ties will be resolved as per the RRG. Winning a tie earns a "Win" with 0 Victory Points on the scoreboard.
  • Report both players results in the Group listing of the website.

    ***NOTE*** - “Tabling/Concession”: ​In the event of a Table OR Concession (One side is completely wiped or conceeds before or by the end of turn 6), the victor will be given a match win and 3 Victory Points, no matter the scenario being played. Record the game state at the time of the table/concession, and mark the appropriate box on the report form.  

5. Tournament Drop

  • Players may drop out from the tournament at any time. If a player drops, they may not re enter the competition.
  • Opponents of the dropped player will be paired with new players, or with the judges.
  • If no new players are able to be paired, the opponent of the dropped player receives an automatic Match Win result with 0 Victory Points.

6. Single Elimination Details

  • After all games of Round Robin have been played, the top 2 players from each group will advance to a single elimination bracket.
  • Each finalist will be asked by the T.O. if they are willing to participate in the Elimination Bracket. Users that do not wish to continue will forfeit their spot to their group member with the next highest W/L.
  • Seeding for the Single Elimination is primarily determined by Win/Loss, Victory Points, and finally Head to Head. 
  • Players will submit a 800 point list to TalkPolite via Discord. This same list will be used for the entire Single Elimination series.
  • Lists will be publicly viewable on the Invader League website once Eliminations start, and each participant should check their opponents list for accuracy before the match begins. Please use Table Top Admiral  or Legion HQ to generate your list.
  • Once pairings for the elimination round is released, the players will be responsible for scheduling their games. Each player will be asked to send TalkPolite a friend request, so he can ensure players are communicating to make matches happen. Players that make no attempt to schedule a match will automatically lose their game. If an extension is requested, a T.O. may grant extra time to help players complete their match. The T.O.s decisions are final.
  • Single Elimination games are played with a three hour clock.  Please save the game and return at a later date if you will not finish in your current session.
  • Only the final two rounds will be observed by a judge.

7. Prizes

  • Prizes are traditionally awarded to the players who earn 1st - 8th place in the Single Elimination round. This can vary depending on the type and amount of prizes given away that season. 
  • Once final results are released, players will provide the TO TalkPolite with an email and/or shipping address to recieve their prizes.  

8. Away From Keyboard And Match Drop

  • Both players in a match have a total time of 10 minutes each to be away from keyboard to account for real life interruptions. If a player is interrupted, he can inform the opponent that he will be Away From Keyboard, and the opponent will start the AFK timer and pause the Game Timer. When the player returns, pause the AFK timer and resume the Game Timer and play proceeds.
  • Once a player with AFK time exceeding 10 minutes, that player will receive a Match Loss Result with 0 Victory points with the other player receiving a Match Win with 1 Victory Point.
  • If a player cannot continue a match halfway due to real life interruptions, that player will drop the match and receive a Match Loss with 0 Victory Point, while the opponent receives a Match Win with 1 Victory Point.
  • If both players agree, they can reschedule the game to finish at a later date and continue from the current turn, unit activation and remaining game time.

9. Action Declaration And Timing

  • Actions in TTS are declared through a combination of scripted buttons and/or verbal declaration. Using the TTS Legion Mod can be found in this Video.
  • Declaring any action is a verbal and physical process. Players should do their best to inform their opponent of every single action that is taking place. Forgetting to announce actions may result in a rules violation, which can lead to a match loss or ban from future leagues. 
  • Players are required to use Discord or the ingame TTS voice chat to communicate actions. 
  • Once the die are rolled for attacks, players cannot retroactively declare an aim action to use for that attack.
  • Once Aim, Dodge, Standby tokens are dropped near the unit taking the action, the corresponding actions are considered to be declared and carried out. Players cannot revert or change that action unless the opponent agrees.
  • All players may premeasure at any time using the Range Ruler or using the Line tool in TTS.
  • In Table Top Simulator it is acceptable to move and then premeasure range. You cannot move twice and then premeasure range while retaining the option to undo both moves. If you move twice, you will have to accept the first movement no matter the outcome. Make sure you leave the movement widget on the board, so you can return the model to its starting position if you do not take the move when making a single move.
  • Players can also hold down Tab and drag to premeasure from any point to any other point at any time.
  • Always be clear about what actions you are completing at all times. 

10. Rules Disputes

  • In the event of a rules dispute, players can message a Judge on Discord to resolve the rules dispute. Pause the Game Timer, take a screenshot of the disputed area and send it to the Judge on Discord with an explanation of the dispute. The Judge can also join games in progress to make rulings. The Judge will make a decision which will take effect immediately. Resume the Game Timer and resume play.
  • If no Judges are available, players roll off using the "Resolving Disputes" rule in the official FFG Rules Reference to keep the game going.
  • All Judge rulings and decisions are final.

11. Unsportsmanlike Behavior

  • Bullying, racial slurs, bad manners, and intentionally obstructing the opponent is not condoned in the Tournament. If a player is subjected to unsportsmanlike behavior, a Judge or the TO should be immediately contacted.
  • Correcting players mid match (while not being an active player yourself) will fall under unsportsmanlike conduct. You are a spectator not a judge.
  • Any player found guilty of unsportsmanlike behavior may be banned from current and future Tournaments. 
  • Spectators are prohibited from commenting on the game to the players. However, if the players encounter a rules situation that they want a second opinion on, they should feel free to ask spectators, streamers, or other Discord users for help.

12. Game Bugs

  • The Legion TTS Mod is a work in progress. If a bug occurs and play can still proceed, the game proceeds as with players playing around the bug best as they can. If a game breaking bug occurs, and game is impossible to proceed, take a screenshot of the bug and send to the Judges. Players will then reschedule a game and restart play with the new result as the final result.

13. Rule Clarifications

  • The following rule clarifications have been provided to help players clarify potential problems. Please consult the SW:Legion RRG, Legion FAQ, or your group judge for questions.

  • Cover Rules: The Invader League uses all official cover rules from the Star Wars: Legion RRG. The following scenarios have been presented to help clarify cover in TTS.

  • Scenario 1: The Stormtrooper squad (left) is shooting at the Rebels (right). Neither squad receives a cover bonus and therefore have “no cover” by default. The building was defined as heavy cover. Although the Stormtroopers can see more than half of the Rebel Troopers, at least part of each Rebel miniature is obscured by the building, and the line from the center of the Stormtrooper squad leader’s base to the center of most Rebel Troopers’ bases goes through the building. Therefore, the Rebel Troopers get heavy cover. However, if the Rebel Troopers fire back, each Stormtrooper model is entirely visible over the barricade, so the Stormtroopers do not receive cover.

  • Scenario 2: The AT-RT on the left should be considered 50% obscured when defining terrain. Even though the bulk of the model is above the cover, height should be used as the determining factor when it comes to granting vehicles cover.
  • Cover Part 2: Any part of a model out of cover counts as being a valid target. If you can see a lightsaber sticking out from behind a building or a head poking over a wall, you can shoot at that model. Don’t forget to apply the above cover rules to said target (Solid walls would give you Heavy Cover, etc)

  • Barricades: All Barricades used in TTS are Core Set Barricades. Vehicles are not specifically exempt from gaining cover from barricades. GAV/w Tanks and Droidekas gain cover from barricades. 

  • Serve Your Master Well: Engagement of "friendly" units ends after Luke's free action. Attacks from this cards effect may use the units aim/surge tokens. A target clone trooper may NOT spend the tokens of other opponents clone troopers.
  • Vader's Might: VM can use the placement granted by the card to start a melee. The effect of VM can also be used to move a unit out of an engagement. 
  • Clone Trooper + Standby Tokens: A single clone trooper unit can spend more than one standby token via token sharing. 
  • Agile + Tactical: Agile and Tactical are mandatory effects. 
  • Fire Support + Limited Visibility: A unit can use Fire Support to add weapons beyond the range allowed by Limited Visibility as long as the unit performing the attack is in range. Fire Support is not considered an attack.
  • Fire Support + After activation effects: A unit that uses Fire Support does not go through a normal activation, and thus there is no "End of Activation" trigger. This means that effects like Emergency Stims and Posion DO NOT trigger after using Fire Support. 
  • Fire Support + Lying in Wait: Since the unit is considered to have activated, the aim from Lying in Wait is gained as normal. 
  • Trained in Your Jedi Arts + Arsenal: General Grevious DOES NOT get to use "Arsenal" during his free attacks gained from "Trained in Your Jedi Arts". The weapon on the command card is the only weapon allowed during these attacks. He DOES still gain the use of Jedi Hunter, if the attack is against a unit with the "Force" upgrade icon. 
  • Repulsor Vehicles with Hover: Ground: Given that the unit is a Repulsor Vehicle, it can move through units of any type. Because other units treat it as a Ground Vehicle, other non-repulsor units CANNOT move through it. 
  • Controlled Units and Exhaustable Abilities: When controlling an opponents unit, you may exhaust it's cards to use those abilities if the conditions to do so are met. 
  • Nimble + Guardian: Nimble DOES NOT trigger when using Guardian. 
  • Pivot Displacement: Pivioting with a round base DOES NOT cause displacement (even if notches would interfere). If this occurs, players should move the pivoting unit the smallest required distance (1mm) to clear the interfearing parts of the bases. 
  • Scatter: After performing an attack with this keyword, you may re-cohere any remaining non-leader minis in the defending unit.
  • Strafe:  A Unit with this keyword may make movements using the side notches of it's base.
  • Spur + Panic: A unit is forced to use spur while panicked if it assists that unit in moving as quickly and as efficiently as possible toward the nearest edge of the battlefield.