Season 2 Single Elimination Lists

Lists are organized by Single Elim seed. Each list was provided in Table Top Admiral format and includes omitted battle cards. Note: Players must account for the Chewbacca league point cost (110).

Seed Player Faction Army List
1 Dashz Imperial 501st Legion - omitted Breakthrough, Long March, Rapid Reinforcements
2 Orkimedes Rebel Peace Hating Insurgents - omitted Recover the Supplies, Battle Lines, Limited Visibility
3 R1H4 Imperial Royal Guard Your Heart - Sabotage the Moisture Vaporators, Disarray, Limited Visibility
4 Kingsley Rebel Still Playing Rebels, I Guess... - omitted Breakthrough, Disarray, Limited Visibility
5 Barrur Rebel Dirty hands - omitted Breakthrough, Major Offensive, Clear Conditions
6 Endless Rebel Flames of Sullust - omitted Recover the Supplies, Disarray, Limited Visibility
7 Thomas Rebel Checkmate - Recover the Supplies, Long March, Clear Conditions
8 MotF-Luke Rebel The Desert Rats - omitted Breakthrough, Long March, Limited Visibility 
9 Ellis-SW Legion Command Rebel Legion command - omitted Breakthrough, Disarray, Minefield
10 Chapliyn Rebel Golden Wookies - omitted Key Positions, Disarray, Rapid Reinforcements
11 bgmoore Imperial 91st Recon - omitted Breakthrough, Disarray, Limited Visibility
12 Nicky Myland Imperial Derp - omitted Intercept the Transmissions, Major Offensive, Hostile Environment
13 STABcastBen Rebel STABcasters' Delight - omitted Sabotage the Moisture Vaporators, Battle Lines, and Clear Conditions
14 Comrade Artyom Imperial 369th Hosnian Hellfighters - omitted Intercept the Transmissions, Disarray, Limited Visibility
15 Nerfley Imperial Nexu Company, 3rd Raider Battalion - omitted Breakthrough, Long March, Minefield
16 RaptorRitter Rebel Raptor - omitted Sabotage the Moisture Vaporators, Long March, Minefield
17 Madmanrambler Rebel Zeltronian Mudthumpers - omitted Breakthrough, Long March, Limited Visibility
18 Garnanana Imperial Scooby Doo and Vader Too - omitted Intercept the Transmissions, Disarray, Limited Visibility 
19 Kenotooth Rebel 3rd Geonosian Misfits - omitted Breakthrough, Disarray, Clear Conditions
20 Jacen007 Rebel Stone Brigade Storm Chasers - omitted Intercept, Disarray, Limited Visibility
21 FreakyFingerz Imperial The 509th Legion - omitted Key Positions, Long March, Limited Visibility
22 Beez Imperial The Roughnecks - omitted Breakthrough, Disarray, Limited Visibility
23 Starscream Imperial NE Ohio - omitted Breakthrough, Disarray, Limited Visibility
24 Clontroper5 Imperial 509th Legion of Boom - omitted Intercept, Disarray, Minefield

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