Greetings! Seeing as we are a week out from sign-ups being closed, it's time for players to "Ready up". This is similar to a check-in desk at a real life tournament.

Invader 1

Simply go to your profile on the Invader website, Scroll to the bottom, and select your Season 4 entry. Desktop is recommended, as mobile browsers sometimes don't allow you to select your profile. You'll then see the following prompt:

Invader 2

Answer "Yes" to the first question, and confirm your armies callsign and faction. Finally, check the box that confirms you have read all the rules on the Invader League website. 

Note: This DOES NOT lock in your faction - you can return to this prompt at any time before the 27th to change your faction. 

Please ensure you complete this step before groups are generated. If you do not "check-in", your entry will be skipped when groups are drawn. 

Thank you for helping us prepare for another successful event! 

-League Administration