Battle Lines - SW Legion TTS Map Making Competition

Before the first blaster is fired, a battle can be lost or won without a commander’s expert understanding of the lay of the land. So before the inevitable clash of metal and wills, lay down the barricades and erect your defence, the battle lines are drawn!

Battle Lines is a map making competition for SW Legion TTS mod to introduce players to map making and modding. It serves as a alternative to competitive play and allows players to engage their creativity with the Star Wars Legion Miniatures Game. This is a casual and fun competition that encourages players to create maps that are the most tactically complex, visually stunning or just plain fun to play in.

Creating maps to use in the SW Legion TTS mod is both fun and easy, all the tools you need to create your own map is available in the mod itself. You can learn how to create and upload your own map here: Star Wars Legion TTS Mod Map Making Tutorial

Battle Lines is proudly sponsored by Imperial Terrain, Dan Wulf Games, TheTerrainStudio and Corvus Games Terrain

Season 2 Delay

Due to technical difficulties with the website and some unfortunate issues with Tieren's computer, we have to officially delay the start of season 2 by one week. The new schedule has been added to the front page of the website, and added to the announcement channel. We hope you understand that the delay was necessary to ensure a smooth season! Additionally, the extra time will allow us to add a couple extra features that we are very excited to share with you. This also gives an extra week for Commando/Scout special weapons to make it in.

As we approach the start of the tournament we need to make sure you are all available and ready to go. To facilitate this we need you all to "Ready Up" by visiting the invader league web site and updating your tournament registration. Anyone not readying up by the 6th September will be replaced.

To update your ready status for a tournament, and other info, you will need to visit your profile. This can be found under the League menu. Once in the profile find Tournament Entries and click the entry you wish to edit, make the required changes and click Save.

The TTS Invader League Team

Website Roadmap

Here are a few updates we have completed for Season 2 - please let us know if you have any suggestions!

  • Users create a profile and then register for the League
  • Once an application is accepted, the player will be assigned a group
  • Integrate the Groups and Brackets into the website
  • Automated reporting - you report your match on the website, and it automatically updates your group


Upcoming features:

  • Set match date - set an official match date to play your game so others can watch
  • Profile statistics - your overall win/loss record will be displayed
  • User flair/badges - player awards will be displayed on your profile (season 1 champion, etc)


A massive thanks to our sponsors

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