Season 3

What started as small skirmishes has evolved to pitched battles, and now a war that threatens to envelop the entire galaxy. Times are grim, and new forces join the carnage as the INVADER LEAGUE begins again. Fight to secure peace in the Galactic Empire, or bring hope to the darkest corners of the Galaxy!


invader league poster season 3


What is Invader League?

The Invader League is a free Star Wars: Legion Tournament, played through the Star Wars Legion Tabletop Simulator Mod. Participants play a series of 4 Round Robin games, followed by a Single Elimination bracket for the top two players from each group. The games are on pre-determined maps, with Battle Cards chosen by the players before each match. All games are at the 800 point value, with armies that feature released and unreleased units. Each Invader League season takes about two months to complete, and ends when an overall winner is crowned. 

Why should I play?

The second season of the Invader League was the largest gathering of Star Wars: Legion players to date. This season promises to continue the previous growth with even more players, an improved League website, and a large prize pool sponsored by Legion Community members. Prizes are given to the top players, which are generously donated by Legion Community Members. The Season 3 prizes are as follows:

  • 1st Place: $200 Giftcard
  • 2nd Place: $150 Giftcard
  • 3rd Place: $100 Giftcard
  • 4th Place: $50 Giftcard
  • 5th - 8th Place: $25 Giftcards

There will also be some Random Giveaways of Play Mats, Dice Bags, and more!

Full details of the sponsors can be found on the Sponsors page

In addition to those great prizes, one of our sponsors is running the Twitch Clip Awards, you can find more info here:  Twitch Clip Awards

Whats new?

Season 3 features new maps that have been created by community member in the recent "Battle Lines" Map creation contest. New units such as Sabine and Bossk will also be seen on the battlefield. Lastly, the League website has been overhauled to make it easier for players to interact with each other and see how season is progressing. 

When do I play?

Registration: March 17th - March 30th
Group Reveal: March 31st
Round Robin: April 1st - May 5th
Bracket Reveal: May 6th
First Round: May 7th - May 15th
Semi Finals: May 16th - 23rd
Quarter Finals: May 23rd - 30th
Final: May 31st - June 7th
Catch-up Week June 8th - June 15th

How can I join?

Season 3 registration is approaching! Players who are looking to register for Season 3 should create an account on this Invader League website, and be prepared for registration on the 17th of March, using the links below or from the League menu.


Round 4 of 5

  • ImperialXiconia 0
    RebelDeadmeatXJ 0
  • RebelDrRizzle 0
    ImperialNicky Myland 3
  • ImperialFinn 7
    Rebelosucuban 4
  • ImperialHoffburger 2
    ImperialDarqueling 2
  • RebelEllis-swlegioncommand 2
    RebelChapliyn 1
  • ImperialMbweha (Ben) 5
    Imperialbeefcake4000 5
  • ImperialDarth DePinto | Legion Academy 4
    ImperialScrewtape 4
  • ImperialAG 2
    Imperialsploosh 4
  • Rebelnashjaee 4
    ImperialLuke Cook 5
  • ImperialStevens 1
    Imperialwhokickmydog 2
  • ImperialBreadWizard - Ronoc008 3
    ImperialStarscream 3
  • RebelRipasmaster | BR 0
    ImperialThomas 0
  • ImperialGarnanana 4
    RebelEndless 2
  • RebelTowerNumberNine 4
    RebelBushFacts 2
  • ImperialOrkimedes 3
    ImperialHuntsman 2
  • ImperialEarnan 0
    RebelArcheo 3
  • ImperialXiconia 1
    ImperialNicky Myland 3
  • ImperialFinn 3
    ImperialDarqueling 2
  • RebelEllis-swlegioncommand 5
    Imperialbeefcake4000 8
  • ImperialDarth DePinto | Legion Academy 1
    Imperialsploosh 3
  • ImperialLuke Cook 4
    Imperialwhokickmydog 3
  • ImperialStarscream 1
    RebelRipasmaster | BR 2
  • ImperialGarnanana 4
    RebelTowerNumberNine 4
  • ImperialOrkimedes 2
    RebelArcheo 0
  • ImperialNicky Myland 3
    ImperialFinn 1
  • Imperialbeefcake4000 7
    Imperialsploosh 5
  • ImperialLuke Cook 1
    RebelRipasmaster | BR 0
  • RebelTowerNumberNine 4
    ImperialOrkimedes 4
  • ImperialNicky Myland 2
    Imperialbeefcake4000 5
  • ImperialLuke Cook 0
    ImperialOrkimedes 0
  • Imperialbeefcake4000 4
    ImperialOrkimedes 7